Who we are

Southwest Florida - Fort Myers

The Vine Fort Myers was established on September 2, 2012. On that time, over twelve people were meeting in only one life group after almost a year of total engagment of missionaries from The Vine - South Florida. They were meeting every Sunday night at a small room at Central Baptist Church. The group was mainly made with portuguese speaking families. Over the next few years we could see an exponential growth to almost 200 adults and 100 kids. God was faithful to help us do that as our faith family grew. Now, we most clearly express this desire in our Vision Statement:Our burden is to edify a church of overcomers where every member is a minister and every house an extension of the church thereby conquering our generation to Christ through the life-groups that multiply. You’re welcome here. Come and go with us.

Why Fort Myers?
With a very diverse community and influences of all nationalities, Fort Myers is a city that grows and moves forward with even greater mixing of generations. This mix of influences and geographical and historical particularity attracts even more people all over the world. Today we have cells and small groups that speak all languages. We also do a weekly worship every Sunday at 10.30 AM at 9250 College Parkway, Unit 7, Ft. Myers, FL 33919. Our telephone number is +1(850)207.8989.

The Vine Ministries

The Vine is a network of churches of all denominational backgrounds who are brought together over 1200 churches worldwide who walks in cooperation, love and alliance. Our affinity is based on the following aspects: We are more family than an organization. That is, we’re together because we want to be together. Acknowledge paternity and authority among us spontaneously and not by denominational levy. We are a charismatic movement. We believe, experience and enjoy the live action of the Holy Spirit today. His gifts, His manifestations and experience of th baptism in the Holy Spirit are real and fundamental to the advance of the Church. We live based on the practice of life groups. Despite the controversy and confusing terminology throughout the past few years, the simplest way to involve every believer for the performance of his priesthood in the Church is in cells groups.

The Church of Acts was not focused in the temples neither centralized in one single personality leadership; We live in the restoration of the Church. Thus, we are inclusive, we see ourselves as part of the Church. We are part of the result of centuries of work of the Holy Spirit in history. We have a lot of the Reformation, the later movements of the Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist and Pentecostal churches. Today, we are determined to serve the Body of Christ which is His Church.

What we Beleive

The Vine Fort Myers is affiliated with the The Vine International Ministries. The Vine faith and message is held by VINHA (Videira Church and Associated Ministries) . Our Pastors are always available to answer any questions you might have about these statements. The following is based on the Vine International Ministries Faith and Message and has been approved by the pastors of Vine Fort Myers.

Beleive with us


Married people matter. Single people matter. Kids matter. You matter. So, we want to include you in a real and profound experience with God and His family on Earth, which is His Church. Walking with Jesus is a ralationship not a religion. So, there is no better place to get connected than to a LifeGroup, close to your house, filled with love and peers that are “different” just like you!

Plug in


We exist to serve. We serve because God loved us first. This love is what moves and empower each pastor and volunteer at The Vine Church. Feel free to call, email or text anyone of the staff. Our call is clear: ... to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything [that Jesus] has commanded us. (Matt. 28.16-20)

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