Day 12 – Keeping Hungry for God’s Presence

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Keeping Hungry for God’s Presence

Keeping Hungry for God’s Presence

! Look at this phrase in verse 12 : ” And David was afraid of the Lord that day , and said : ” As for me I will bring the ark of God. ” Have the book of Acts (Acts 15:16) tells us : ” Once these things , come back and will build again the fallen tabernacle of David , and will build again the ruins thereof restore” . The will of God, therefore , is to restore the tabernacle of David . In the Old Testament there were other extraordinary , splendid buildings . The tabernacle of Moses was the first construction of sacred Hebrew , designated , directed by God himself, who instructed how to make the tabernacle . However , not somewhere we want God to restore the tabernacle of Moses place.

! We know that Solomon , David’s son, built the temple . The temple was nothing more than the tabernacle with even more extraordinary dimensions . It was a great wonder, wonderful , something really great! However , in the New Testament , we see Jesus saying that would not stone unturned that temple , but Jesus did not say that after that temple would be restored again. However , in the book of Acts , we see that God’s will is to restore the tabernacle of David . Why would God want to restore the tabernacle of David? Why this tabernacle was special to God ? The reason is very simple . The tabernacle of David was the result of a compassion , a desire , a genuine longing for God’s presence . The tabernacle of David was not the product of a ritual or explicit guidance from God and that is what makes it extraordinary ! God did not say to David that I wanted a new tabernacle , nor gave any model , but David somehow that escapes us , in a mysterious way , was able to realize what was in the heart of God .


! David was not concerned with seeking the blessing of God . He wanted not to have more gold in Jerusalem , more houses, more wins wars . Somewhere in the text we see David with this motivation . However , we see a clamor in his heart about how he would bring the ark of God .

! The tabernacle had to have three shares : the atrium , the holy place and the most holy . The ark symbolizes the manifest presence of the Lord and was on the most intimate and secret place of the tabernacle , the Holy of Holies , where only the priest , once a year , the Day of Atonement could get to sprinkle blood on the ark. On it , two cherubim of another massive , with outspread wings facing each other and , among them , the flame of God’s glory shone . It was there where the


blood was sprinkled which God spoke to men , Moses and , once a year , with the high priest . And David wanted this ark.


! Many of us say : “I ‘m honest, what God looks is sincerity ” , but who use that excuse just to be arrogant and carnal and justify the rudeness , brutality, harshness : “I ‘m like, what I have to say I speak in the face ; ‘m sincere ! ” . Some people like that kind of people ?

! Nobody needs to see the dirt from anyone. If you want to show , first shows to God. Nobody will apologize to God , when He says, ” you did wrong ,” simply responding, “Sir , at least I was honest .” There are people who are sincerely thief , corrupt, adulterous . David was sincere and decided to bring the ark , then learned what had happened (1 Sam 5-6.12 ) .


! The ark was a heavy piece of furniture , coated inside and out with gold, one of the heaviest and most dense metals that exist.. It should not be easy to carry it . David brought the ark on an ox cart because it was easier than bringing her back . Only after the accident David was researching and found that they were the Levites who should carry it . ( 2 Sam 6.9-18 ) .

! If the first time , David could not bring the ark , the second time he has managed since understood that there was a pattern of God. When we seek the glory of God , things are actually much more difficult . God’s methods , contrary to what we imagine , are not the most pleasant , sometimes are the most troublesome . When you do something genuinely for God , sometimes things will not improve . It is likely that , for a moment to become more difficult . God’s standard is the narrow way of the cross .


! God does not act in any environment . If we want God to do , there must be the environment . When you go to worship, go build a throne of adoration and praise the Lord ! The Psalmist sings : ” But thou art holy , enthroned upon the praises of Israel ” (Ps. 22.2 ) . There is a version of that verse that says that “the Lord sitteth upon the throne of praise .” In another version , in Japanese, says that ” our praise is like a big chair where God sits to rule .” What a beautiful thing ! A place where the spirit of God has room .

! I keep watching , many people arrive late and still expect the meeting room there is for God’s glory . They almost always arrive late because the vain reunioespara hear a little bit of the word . But wait there . You go to meetings to

hear the word or offer sacrifices of praise ? Without an environment without a throne to sit upon God , not the glory of God will be for us !


! Do not be afraid to go outside the standard of religion . The religion of that era was the tabernacle ! Religion is ritual without the presence of God . An empty ritual , done mechanically . Sometimes I want to start preaching the meeting and let the praise for the end , other days I do not want to praise.
! Some believers are addicts fleeting emotion , to feel chills. When there is a foreign preacher, he already feels the chill only to hear him say ” hallelujah ” in English. Yet tell me, ” Oh , Pastor! Not my fault if you do not have the anointing . ” Actually , I ‘m not that I blame them are depraved spiritual , practicing spiritual pornography. Living in function of pleasure, sensation of ” orgasms ” soul . We should not want mere spine tingling , but the glory of God , healing , liberation and genuine salvation .


! The Bible says that ” David danced with all his might before the Lord, and was girded with a linen ephod ” (2 Sam 6:14) . David wore a be wearing he could not , he was not a priest . He was of the tribe of Judah and the priestly tribe and decide to dance before the ark , ie up everything around!

! David decided to dance before God with all your strength . Michal, his wife , saw and scolded , “What a beautiful figure made the king of Israel , who uncovered himself today in the eyes of the handmaids of his servants, as , without shame , if anyone finds a stray ” (2 Sam 6:20 ) . David was returning to bless him , but he blessed and she was barren for the rest of his life . The church is sterile when it loses the ability to get lost, to hold in the presence of God . Many churches living under this curse of barrenness and aridity have stopped by to criticize others .


! The Bible says the ark was in the house of Obed – Edom and God blessed everything he had . Moreover , Huzzah touched the ark and died . The ark is the same for one brought death: another blessing. The glory of God is the same for a blessing is to be another curse . The problem is not in glory and in God , but in attitude. Michal was barren for not having passed the test. The glory of God is testing for everyone , no one can remain indifferent to the ark of God . The sun is the same , but when it hits the clay, it hardens ; longer to hit the wax softens it ! Everything depends on the nature of the material . What is your attitude ? To accept or resist?

Finally , the Bible says that David cried out : ” How shall I bring to me the glory of the Lord? ” . The glory of God is like a lamp and we seek your switch in the

dark. We are still groping to find the switch . We are groping when we pray , dance , jump , kneel and raise , and who comes from outside is looking and thinking : ” What these people doing? “. The scene may seem comical , but we are groping to find the place that turns on the light.