Jesus is so big and so broad that it would be impossible to make a picture of him, even writing many books that show all that He is, to relate all that he did and still does, working in us. Today, I want to speak of His multiple face, just share about the points that call my attention in His wonderful personality.

The Biblical text shows a number of ways. He is both the bread of life and the water of life. It was even before the resurrection overcame death. He is the alpha and the omega, He is the beginning and end. He is the Amen, He is the head and the rider of the Apocalypse. In the same time, He is the Lamb of God, from Genesis, already died for man’s sin. He is the ark in the Tabernacle in the desert. He is the exact representation of God. In him all things hold together. He upholds all things by the word of His power. But he is still man, and has, in the mind of God, the exact representation of man. How can we talk about someone like that? It’s too wonderful!

We are concerned about many things, but only one really matters, know the Lord Jesus. We are involved with so much work. We are concerned with so many projects and organizations, but the Lord’s Spirit expressly says that matters only one thing: to know the Lord.

And this is eternal life: to know You, the only true and real God, and to know Him, Jesus Christ, Whom You have sent. (John 17.3)

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who was the only begotten in the bosom of the Father and sent to us to reveal the heart of God. We are so concerned to discuss theology, doctrine and defend points of view. But the spiritual experience is like a magnifying glass. You take the magnifying glass and focus on an object. What is in the middle you see the focus as well, but, as will looking, the edges are blurry and distorted. So these things happens with spiritual things. When we focus Jesus in the center, things are clear, but when we started to flee to the side and began to flee to the side and started discussing doctrines, theology and points of view, things get confused and distorted. Jesus is so simple and at the same time, so complex! In the scriptures, there are at least one hundred and fifty expressions that translate what he is. Therefore is this so hard to talk of Him, because He is wonderful. Moreover, this is one of the names of Jesus: Wonderful!

How can we manifest Jesus? How can we express Him or even represent Him? Sometimes I think of Jesus cards, stained glass windows of cathedrals, statues erected in those paintings as a distant Jesus, sometimes almost effeminate, that placid figure and morbid means domesticated people contemplate. Not resemble Jesus the Word of God.

Everyone always speak good things of Jesus. Many claim that he was an example of life, but He came to leave footprints, but He came to be much more than a good example. He is the own life that came down from heaven and became people. I would like to present a glimpse of Jesus, making a rough and blurred picture of His transcendent majesty, showing some facets of what He is.


He decided to praise a sinner publican comparing it to a Pharisee fearing the “cute” God and well-dressed with his wonderful coat. Sinner Jesus said the publican went down the hill justified but the Pharisee was rejected by God.

When Jesus came into the world, the devils recognized, the sick flocked sinners came and some drenching His feet with her tears. Others simply drawn to be close to Jesus.

It was not easy to be near Jesus because confronting their presence, His word was as penetrating sword, His gaze was deep and bared all, showing all that was within. No one could hide something in the sight of the One man, who was not merely man, but God dwelling among men in human form. Thus, it might be expected that he would join the religious class, but to whom he was seeking? He went after the sick, saying the whole have no need of physicians, but patients. “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance” (Luke 5:32).

The first person to whom Jesus revealed Himself as the Messiah was not a lawyer, was not an immoral woman who had had five husbands and the one with which she lived was also not his. It was for her that He said in so many words: “I am, I who speak to you. I am the Messiah. I am the Promised One “(Jn 4:26).

Why Jesus revealed himself to her, and not to the scholars of the law? Because he was a friend of sinners. Today, the church is no friend of sinners. We are afraid to be counted among them. We are afraid to be confused with them. In fact, we are afraid of them. However, it is better that we be rejected by the religious. If anyone has to praise us, which is why we are friends of sinners and they are to say, “These people are our friends.” Jesus was as well.

The big problem is that we forget how it felt wrong, charged and convicted. But when Jesus came, did not condemn anyone, any time. Sometimes, it seems so strange He has not condemned the prostitute and the sinner. He did not condemn any of them, but always reserved harsh words for the religious, to those who knew the Word, for those who theoretically were the keepers of the oracles of God, the knowledge of God. And Jesus referred to them as “brood of vipers”, “whitewashed tombs” (Mt 23:27).

But sinners, Jesus accepted that wash His feet. With sinners, He sat down to eat. He went to a party at the home of Matthew the publican, where there were only publicans and sinners. He sat down at the table and ate with them. However, there is a difference: Jesus never sinned. For us, this is a great mystery. How can we be friends of sinners without agreeing with sin? How can we be friends of sinners and not point the finger, without making them feel guilty among us?

This is the great challenge of the church throughout the centuries. In the history of the church, the church always hoisted to be the moral conscience of society. It thought that was the same and that also condemned. In the Middle Ages, the church did. In England, the Anglican Church did. In Russia, the Orthodox Church did. In the East, the Greek church did. And today many evangelical churches are said the same thing.

How many pastors see AIDS as just a sign of God’s judgment?! How many pastors point home sickness that appears as the judgment of God’s hand? But Jesus said: “I came not to condemn, I did not come to judge! I came to defend, to be the attorney.

We should also be advocates of sinners before God. Should bring their causes before him. This is the meaning of God has been made man, having dwelt among us, and be called a friend of sinners. Jesus himself said that most no longer calls us servants, but friends. If we are His friends, surely He will reveal to us His own heart and manifest to us His grace.

2- The God-Man

No man has ever seen God at any time; the only Son, or the only begotten God, Who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him. (John 1:18)

And who is this God begotten? Jesus. Jesus is God. There was a day when God became man. Jesus Christ was fully man and fully God. Try to put in place those men in the days of Jesus. How could you identify God in him? He was just like any other Galilean: had an address, had a father and a mother, and had a place of birth, and, if it were today, would even have a birth certificate.

How could anyone say that this man was God? But he was. And the gospel shows us this in several ways. Peter loved Jesus. Many others also worshiped. And Jesus never rejected the worship. Jews were terribly radical about it: “Only worship the Lord thy God.” The Jew of Jesus’ time was radical in relation to idolatry and never love a man. But Peter, a Jew, worshipped Jesus. And Jesus accepted worship because He was God.

For a crippled man and an adulterous woman, the Lord Jesus said, “your sins are forgiven.” Who could forgive sins but God only? The Word of God says that Jesus seeing Jerusalem, said: “How often I wanted to welcome them as a hen welcomes your chicks under their wings […]”. (Mt 23:37). And he adds: “I sent you prophets.” How did Jesus sent prophets? Can you imagine what the Pharisees imagined to hear Him say these things: “You are here, Jesus, in front of us, and did not send anyone yet.”

There Jesus was not speaking as a man, but as God. As God, He had sent prophets. But the people of Jerusalem did not hear Him. Once challenged when the Lord said, “Me and the Father are one” (Jn 10:30). And the Gospel says that the Jews picked up stones to stone Him. The Jews fully understood the true implications of that expression, Jesus became like God. Can you imagine what it was for those men in those days, listening to a Galilean, with backwoods accent, with a common name, saying: “Me and the Father are one” What scandal to them the claims of Jesus!

That’s what differentiates Christianity from other religions. A Muslim can not conceive of Muhammad’s ideas and say: “ Me and Allah are one.” Also a Jew doesn’t conceives the image of Moses saying, “Me and Jehovah are one.” Jesus came not to be a good example. Although you hear this statement on the radio, on TV, in the movies, Jesus came not to be a good example, but to be God among men.

Any other concept is natural, limited and too small. After becoming man, Jesus never ceased to be. He is still man and man will be forever. He rose and death has no more power over him. There’s a man sited at the right hand of God. Until the coming of Jesus, God was God alone. But today, He is God and also man. Mankind was inserted within the Godhead. Jesus is God who became incarnate.

Spiritualism, Buddhism, Hinduism and several other religions believe in reincarnation, but none conceives the incarnation. For them, reincarnation is conceivable, but the incarnation is madness. It is impossible for them that God would be human.

Jesus Christ is God. However, Hebrews 5.8 says, “though He were a Son, yet learned […].” But Jesus is not God? And God can learn something? There is something He does not know? There anything he does not understand? There is something He not scrutinize or not know there was a time when God was a God and there was some humanity in him, but two thousand years ago, there was a mysterious fact: God made us God became man in Jesus Christ.

But what he learned? He learned what it is to be human. God until then did not know what was human. Learned about poverty, family discussions, learned about the crises, humiliations, rejections, betrayals. These things were not part of his experience as God. But, in Christ, God learned what is human. Learned what it is to have calluses on hands, spit in His face the aggressor. He learned what it was like martyrdom, which was to be tried.

Therefore, he is eligible to be our Advocate, because He knows what we go through. It can manifest grace to us, because he knows what is to be tried, knows crises and anxieties, because one day became man. So therefore, on the cross, He could say with such conviction, “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they do! I’m here watching from their perspective, living with them. I’m being a man as they are, and they are blind, they don’t know what they do. “

It was necessary that He became man to conquer death. He had to get inside the death to overcome sin. He had to make sin for us. In order to give us His glory, He had to prove of our humiliation. That we might share his divinity, he had to share our humanity.

God, today, has a human element itself, so that we men can have the divine element within us. We have something of God within us, which is the divine nature itself. This is the gospel, the good news. Jesus conquered sin, death and rose. But do not stop there. Profound statements Jesus made about himself. Being God, He never temporized with anyone. He never gave way to anyone. Jesus had no diplomatic concessions. He said: “I am before Abraham. I Am. “.

In our days of excessive diplomacy, Jesus would be politically incorrect, since He said: “I am the way, the truth and the life, there is no other.” And today every man must stand in relation to this statement. There’s nothing more hypocritical than to assert that Jesus was a good man and did not believe the statements that he made about himself.

If you do not acknowledge Jesus as God, He can not be a good example for anyone. Or is God or He was a megalomaniac, a crazy. Jesus said that He was the Only Begotten of the Father, that He and the Father were one. He said, in other words: “I am one with God, I am God.”

Jesus said he came not to teach a path, a doctrine. He said: “I am the way, the truth and the life”, not: “I’ll give you a lifetime”, If he told the truth, then He is God. But if you don’t believe in what He says, so you consider Him a liar. So, do not say that he is a good example. You should have a verdict on him. What kind of man was he? Was a fool, a liar or really was God.

All the promises of Jesus depends in we accept His divinity. If He is not God, I can not accept the forgiveness He offers, I can not get the authority He gives me; I can not hope that He will prepare a place for us.

The incarnation is the great mystery. An incomprehensible and mysterious way, God Himself made us and proved the cross for us.