There is a truth that is the center of the gospel message. In fact, Christianity would not exist were it not for this fact. I’m talking about justification. The justification is the good news that we are accepted before God not because of our good deeds and our good behavior, but through a simple act of faith in Christ. When we believe in Christ and his finished work on the Cross, we are declared righteous before God. This is the central point of the gospel message. We need to know this truth and apply it in all areas of our Christian life.

What does justification? Justification is a legal term that was borrowed from the courts. It is the exact opposite of condemnation. Condemn is to declare a guilty person; justify is to declare it without guilt, innocence or fair. Justification is the act of unmerited favor of God through which He sets before himself the sinner, pardoning him and declaring him not guilty and agreeing it as fair.

In Romans 3:24, Paul says that we are “justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” This means that you have been declared righteous because of the redemption of Jesus on the cross.

The Word of God says that every man is a sinner, but humanity did not know that. So God sent his plummet to earth. The plumb line of God’s law. By law, we learn that we are outside the standard of God’s righteousness. But it was not God’s intention justify man by law. By law, only comes the knowledge of sin. Thus, Jesus Christ came, died and rose again to be our righteousness.

Thus, we can understand what is justification: justification is God’s act of approving people according to His standard of righteousness. Although we think we are righteous, our righteousness is nothing when placed plumb the righteousness of God. God himself is the default. Being God’s standard, His demand for justice is absurdly high. Therefore, no man can be justified before God, the default is unattainably high. Need of justification by faith, not by works of the law.

Many say that justification can be defined “as if you had never sinned.” This definition, however, are incomplete. If we had never sinned, it would in neutral, but not fair. To be justified means that God took my sin and put on Christ and took the righteousness of Christ and put it on me.

God took the law and replaced it by faith. Believing is the only law that God requires the sinner. If man believes in Christ, this faith is counted for righteousness. No man can believe for yourself, your faith is only an echo of the voice of Christ calling him. Christ is the author of our faith and our own righteousness.

For our sake he made him to be sin who knew the sin, so that in him we might Become the righteousness of God (2 Cor 5:21).

In Christ Jesus, we are made the righteousness of Deus.VocĂȘ was not only pardoned, was declared righteous. Be justified is much to be forgiven. Being forgiven means that the sinner can be freed from having to pay the penalty he deserves. But be justified means that it can enter into communion with God, because it is fair, never committed sin.

Forgiveness is negative, is the cancellation of a debt, while the justification is positive, and receive a new status righteous before God. This is the case of a murderer. A murderer remains a murderer pardoned, even a murderer pardoned. But if he could be born again in a miraculous way, it could be declared righteous in his new life. That is justification. When Christ died, we died with Him, and when He rose, I was reborn into a new life. This all becomes a reality at the moment to confess Jesus.

The foundation of the gospel is that salvation begins and ends with God. In salvation, there is no place for human work. Only the grace of God is the source of our salvation. Justification is by faith alone. Today, we are declared righteous when we believe in the redemption of Christ, in His finished work on the cross.

Our righteousness is a gift from God. You were made as fair as Jesus, not through their behavior, but by faith in Him and His finished work on the Cross.

For if, because of one man’s trespass, death reigned through que one man, much more will Those who receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man Jesus Christ (Rom 5:17).

But the truth is that the devil is constantly reminding you of how much you are a sinner. You must reject every evil accusation. There is nothing you can do to make God love you more, and there is nothing you do that Light to love him less.

Your right to be fair it was bought by the blood of Jesus. But many believers still live under condemnation and accusation. Our righteousness does not depend upon our behavior, because Christ is our righteousness. Even when we do evil, we can boldly declare that we are righteous because Christ is our righteousness.

The reason why many believers live a life of defeat is because they believe the lie that God is angry with them. They are always with the feeling that you are not right with God, just do not feel alone. No one can feel the peace you are under condemnation.

Because of the finished work of Jesus, God’s wrath can no longer be about us. Whole wrath of God because of sin fell on the Lord Jesus on the cross. If all wrath has fallen on Jesus, then He can not be angry with us. We are no longer under the old covenant, according to which, the times God was happy with you and sometimes he was angry, depending on their behavior. Today, He has full pleasure in you because of Jesus.

I know, trying to be jealous, you’re always looking at himself looking for something wrong. We call it insight. There is a great danger in introspection. Stay all the time analyzing and searching to see if there is something wrong will take you to the abyss. It may seem zeal and holiness, but actually the flesh and trying to justify themselves before God without relying on the blood of Jesus.

Recognize that you have been justified. Today, we are righteous because of the finished work on the cross. We need not be analyzed in because this is the function of the Spirit. If there is something wrong with you, He will bring light and you can repent and change their behavior. Already been forgiven of all sin and all iniquity.

Many confuse introspection with the conviction of the Holy Spirit about sin. Today, we no longer need to be convinced of sin, because we were already convinced of sin when we are converted. Today, the work of the Holy Spirit is to convict us of righteousness (John 16.8). You need to receive the revelation that is already righteous in Christ Jesus. Knees right now and pray for light on this truth. Without this knowledge, your prayer life will always be blocked.

The problem is that many live under accusation and condemnation of the devil, but think it is the conviction of the Holy Spirit. When the Spirit operates, he convinces us that even when we fail, we are the righteousness of God in Christ. He convinces us that we have been forgiven.


What is the law? Of course, by “law”, we understand all the commandments of God, and “the law”, our efforts to keep these commandments. Religious teach that a man is justified by obeying the commandments of the law. They see the teaching of justification by faith as a kind of license to people to live in sin. You think so many believers today. Every time we hear preaching about grace, get with the hair standing thinking that this is a teaching that undermines the sanctity. Because of this, the loyalists always try adding the law to the gospel. They believe that the only way to be justified is through hard work. We must keep all the commandments. The vision of a religious, can only be fair if we behave correctly.

This has been the basis of all religions. Every religion teaches that man must behave well in order to please God and receive His favor. Religion tells the man that if he can not only improve slightly their behavior and if it work a little more, get get his own salvation and God’s favor.

But this is the biggest lie in the world. No man was ever justified by his good behavior, for the simple reason that no one has ever managed to comply with the law. We can even save some commandments of external form, but keeps them inside the heart is completely impossible. We kept the commandment not to steal or not to kill with some ease, but can not help wishing the death of another, or covet their things. Only the Lord Jesus fulfilled the law perfectly.

If you are honest with yourself, you see that has already broken all the commandments of God’s law. Jesus said that if we want the death of the other, have become homicidal. If you covet a woman because the adulterers become. Because of this, the Bible says that no man can be justified by works of the law. If people evaluate this question honestly, realize that it is impossible to get into heaven that way.

But Christianity is different from all other religions. While they all teach that we must be good to enter heaven, Christianity, all we have to do to be saved is to recognize that we are sinners and put our faith in Christ and His work on the cross.

Religions teach that we should strive to please God, but, in Christianity, is blessed who does not deserve it, except one who is a sinner recognizes and without any merit.

Evidently faith in Christ is not just a mental assent, but a personal commitment. Paul says that whoever believes in Christ to believe in him. It is an act of surrender, not only of acceptance of the fact that Jesus lived to die, but to run to Him for refuge to cry for mercy.

The human way of trying to be justified by works of the law but in the midst of God is through faith in Jesus Christ. Because we are under grace no longer need to keep the law. Rather we are justified by the law in Christ

(Gal 2:16).

Faith in Christ means being united to Christ in one body. Faith in Christ is not a doctrine of faith in Christ, but faith in the person of Christ. This faith creates a union in which we become one with Christ. Before we believed we were separate from Christ, but when we believe, we are united to Him and become one with Him. This union can be compared to a graft of a tree in the other. When we believe in Christ, we are grafted into Him. Our life now is the same Christ, we have one life.

To be graft, two actions are required: the cut and join. There can be no graft if there is no cutting. After that we cut the old tree, we need to be united to a nova.O cut corresponds to the death of Christ, and unite His resurrection. In His death, our old life was cut, and His resurrection, we are united to Him for life. The experience of Christ’s death makes us die to the law and the experience of resurrection empowers us to live for God.

Many understand the justification only as a legal act. By faith, we know that Christ’s righteousness was transferred to us. While true, it is not very clear. The way to understand the justification, and realizing that we are in Christ. Because we are part of Christ, God can recognize Him as our righteousness. Since we and Christ are one, all that belongs to Him is ours. Justice Him is our righteousness. This is how God sees.

Marriage is also an illustration of this fact. Suppose a poor woman to join a very rich man. Through the union of marriage, she shares the wealth of her husband. Likewise, we have been united with Christ and partake of all that He has and is. So this union occurs in the eyes of God, Christ is to unite us and we become one with Him.’s The way that we are justified before God.

We must also understand that our old man can not be justified. Our old man is born in sin and the enemy of God, but when we believe in Christ, we join Him in His death. In Christ’s death, our old man was crucified and resurrected Christ when we receive new life ma. This is called the new birth. The old man has died and this new man, this new creature now live by faith in the Son of God and have His righteousness.

The new birth is the practical application of justification. Died to the law and we live for the faith of the Son of God. Paul says that the new birth is the most important point.

(Gal 6:15)

This young man has already died to the law. What does it mean to die to the law? It means I’ve been freed from having to please God by my own efforts. Every child of God desires to please God, but when we try to please Him through our merits, we fall back on the law of commandments. The only way to please God, and enjoying Christ by faith. The life I now live by faith must be the son of God.

We can only desfrutardes Christ when we focus our attention on our union with Him. The more we enjoy Him, the more we please God. Only pleases God who enjoys the grace that is Christ.