The move of the Spirit in the meetings

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After fifteen years practicing the cell groupvision, each member is well used with the format of the meeting of the cell groups. We have been nourished and filled with the Spirit in these meetings, but I think we still need to advance to practice a type of meeting even closer to the biblical model.

According to the New Testament teachingsthere are two vital things in a church meeting: a mutuality between the brothers and the talk of every priest. These are the two elements that are most important cell groups.


Because of the huge religious influence we receive we are not familiar with the mutuality in the meetings of the cell groups. Overall we still expect that a person directs and others just listen. But that does not comply with the Biblical model.

We can see two types of meetings in the New Testament. The first type happened in the day of Pentecost when Peter stood up and addressed the more than three thousand persons. This is a kind of meeting where one of the five ministries of Ephesians 4 is acting. It also appears that the meeting where Paul was preaching in Acts 20 is into this category. This is a great meeting where a particular word is released by a ministry. We could call it the ministerial meeting, since it is the moment any of those five ministries of Ephesians 4 is building the church.

But the meeting of the church itself is quite different. In I Corinthians 14:23 Paul speaks of the church meeting. He says “If therefore the whole church comes together in one place …” This is certainly a church meeting. The meeting of the cell groups is arguably a meeting church.

Soon after in verse 26 he says that this type of meeting “one has a psalm, another, doctrine, this brings revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. “This is the God’s standard for our meetings, mutuality. Every believer is there for one another. All minister in any way with the gift he has received.

The ministerial meetings there is no mutuality because they are specifically for flow of ministerial gift in the Church, but the meeting of the cell group is normal church meeting and these meetings mutuality should be the default.

If no such mutuality can not say that we have acell group meeting correctly according to the biblical pattern. Have a meeting at home without mutuality makes the cell group to lose its character. Unfortunately many of our leaders still seeking to replicate in the cell group meeting celebration that is essentially ministerial.

Make the cell group a small auditorium where a speech and others just listen. But this is a situation where there is no mutuality. I Corinthians 14 is the only chapter in the scriptures that teaches you how to be the meeting church. Here the key is mutuality. If there is no mutuality then it is not a meeting of the cell. We need to become radical on this point.

The need to speak

The second key element of the church meeting in the cell group is the talk of each member. If no one speaks it kills the meeting. When the brothers refuse to speak it will kill the meeting. Actually the whole mutuality depends on the talk of every believer. Acts 5:42 says that “every day in the temple and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and preach Jesus Christ. ” This is a description of the Church after the day of Pentecost.

After thousands of people were saved they began to meet in the Temple, certainly the place where Peter, John and the other apostles preached. This was a general meeting where the five-fold ministry acted. But the Word of God says that they also met from house and home. And what they did in those meetings? The text says they met to teach and preach. We can say with certainty that they repeated the teachings and preachings of the apostles made in the Temple. There was preaching and edification, but through the ministry of all believers.

The worship and ministry

In I Corinthians 12: 1 Paul says, “Now concerning spiritual gifts, would not, brethren, that be ignorant. ” I fear that we are still a little ignorant about the gifts spiritual. I recognize that we are still very timid on this issue, but we need to change that story. The cell group is the best place to practice and exercise the spiritual gifts. Our meeting in homes should always make room for the gifts to happen.

The great advantage of the cell group is to allow the brothers to engaged in gifts and ministries freely. What they could not do in a celebration meeting because of size they can do in the cell group. The flow in the gifts is certainly an important part to the church as we believe in the anointing of the Spirit.

In verse two he continues: “You know that, once ye were Gentiles, were to lead you to dumb idols, according ye were led. “In other words what Paul is saying is that when you were Gentiles worshiped dumb idols who do not speak.

So you became dumb like them. But now youworship a living God talking, and this worship, you began to speak also. Because of that I always say that an oppressed believer is always silent in worship, but one Spirit-filled believer is overflowing from a spiritual talk.

Before when we lived religion and idol worship had no need to talk. In fact the main feature of the pagan cults is silence. We can not continue silent after we filled with what is called “Word of God”. Be full of Christ is to be full of the word. No changes worship in God’s House. The brothers need to talk in the cell group. Walk into any pagan temple and you will see that there is idol worship completely changes, silent. In worship changes no flow of anything spiritual.

But we Christians, we worship a living God who speaks all the time. Our worship He makes us the speakers. Hebrews 1: 1-3 says that our God speaks. He spoke in the Old Testament and now speaks in New Testament. He is the God who speaks, and we their children also have to talk. If you live in silence in the church meeting you are resembling the worshipers that are dumb.

In I Corinthians 12: 2:03 Paul further adds, “You know that, once ye were Gentiles, who  lead you to dumb idols, according ye were led. So, do you understand that no one speaking by the Spirit of God says: cursed, Jesus! By Furthermore, no one can say Lord Jesus !, but by the Holy Spirit. “ The worship of idols makes us dumb, but when we come to God, He makes us speak. The principle is that all who are in the Spirit call on the Lord Jesus. All of which are filled with the Spirit speak.

Paul says that the sign that we have the Spirit is that cry out to Jesus as Lord. Even you do not feel anything you need to rest in the truth that he is in do you? The proof is their cry for Christ.

Some think they have the anointing of the Spirit, but after reading that no one can say: Lord Jesus !, but by the Holy Spirit, what will you say? You have cried out: “Lord Jesus, I love you?” “Yes, so I have the Holy Spirit.” How do you know that? “Because the Bible says.” Do not say “Because I feel.” Feelings are like clouds floating in the air. They come and go. Do not trust your feelings. Trust in God’s Word. “You can not say LordJesus, but by the Holy Spirit.”

You can say “Lord Jesus I love you” to all your soul? This is proof the Spirit is in you. What Paul is saying is that we need to talk by Spirit in our meetings.

I know that visitors are not accustomed to meetings where everyone speaks, and that amazes. When the brothers glorify aloud, crying love the Lord, minister in each other’s lives, pray out loud, it is certain that the visitor astonished, but it is certain that something will mark their heart. Being only polite and hospitable, this does not mark them. But the spiritual environment generated by a spiritual talk will impress them. They may say: “I do not understand what it was in there But there had something there. When I heard worshiping that way it affected me. “

The manifestation of the Spirit

In verse seven of I Corinthians 12 Paul says that “the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. “But what is the way the Spirit is manifested? Paul answers in the following verse: “For to one is given by the Spirit the word wisdom; and the other, by the same Spirit, the word of knowledge; the other, in the same Spirit, faith; and the other, in the same Spirit, gifts of healing; to another, operations of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; a, variety of languages; and the other, ability to interpret them. “

The first manifestation of the Spirit mentioned is the word of wisdom, then the word of knowledge “. This should mark our meetings in the cell group, to be full of words of wisdom and knowledge. At meetings the word

Wisdom certainly has a position of greater importance because it is the first gift. Paul mentions. What is the word of wisdom? The Word of Wisdom is divine wisdom transmitted supernaturally by the Holy Spirit. It provides us the immediate wisdom so that we know what to say or do in a given situation.This gift enables us to speak and act with divine wisdom and thus ensures the use and correct application of other gifts in the meeting. When the Word of Wisdom is absent the other gifts can be used in the wrong way, which causes much confusion.

But along with the word of wisdom we must have in meetings the Word knowledge. The word of knowledge gives us certain facts and information through a supernatural revelation of the Holy Spirit. Its information and knowledge that could not have been obtained in any natural way. It is transmitted supernaturally.

Paul goes on to say that the manifestation of the Spirit includes the gift of faith. Faith here is the kind of faith that can move mountains. This is a faith where God supernaturally empties the person of any doubt and fill it with a special faith that enables them to fulfill the purpose of God, despite all contrary circumstances and contradictory of life.

After Paul speaks of gifts of healing and miracles operations. The gifts of healing act supernaturally to cure diseases and ailments without any human resource.It is the power of the Holy Spirit that comes on the body of a person, dissolving its illnesses and taking their pain to heal it.

The use of plural nouns indicates that healing is for all kinds of diseases, but may also indicate that a person has the gift of healing only a certain type of disease, while another brother has the gift of healing another.

These are the works of power. Three things are mentioned: the faith to move mountains, cure of diseases, and the working of miracles. Then he says the other is given the manifestation of prophecy. This and the gift considered more important for the building of brothers. Paul says that we should ask any of gifts, but the gift of prophecy. Can all prophesy (I Cor.14: 1).

Prophesy is also talk. The word of wisdom is to speak the word of knowledge is to speak and prophesy is to speak. See how the issue of speaking in meetings is important. If we do not speak, none of these gifts can manifest.

Then he says the other is given the discernment of spirits. ” This is the ability to discern what spirit is of God and what is not of God. It is a much needed gift in liberation of oppressed people.

After the Spirit of discernment is the variety of languages and the ability to interpret them. Language interpretation is more like prophecy. These are nine gifts of manifestation of the Spirit in the Church of the meeting.

In 1 Corinthians 14:26 it says, “What is it then, brethren? When you come together, one has psalm, another, doctrine, this brings revelation, a tongue, and yet another, interpretation. ” A psalm is not only to sing, but also to talk about.

Ephesians 5:19 guides us to speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. It is interesting that he says to talk to each other even singing. Needless to say, doctrine and revelation are all a type of talk.

It is interesting that when Paul speaks of the manifestation of the Spirit, he mentions nine gifts, four of which are related to miracles, faith, healing, miracles and the discernment of spirits, and five are related to the talk of believers: the word of wisdom, word of knowledge, prophecy, tongues and the interpretation of languages.

But then when speaking of church meetings in 14:26 does not refer to cures and miracles. All it says it refers to speaking. You have to chant. This means that we have to speak or have to sing. They need to vocalize. Then need to teach speaking.

They need to give a revelation talking. They need to speak a language and interpret it speaking. Everything is through talking. So what do we have to talk about? Paul said in 1 Corinthians 14: 1: “Pursue love and seek, earnestly desires in the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy. ” The word prophesy means three things. First, prophesy is to speak for God, is to tell people something from God in a living and touching way. Second, is to issue the opinion of God, that is, talk to urge. Third, is to predict, say in advance that something will happen.

I think all three of these aspects need to happen between us. We need to prophesy. It is very important that there is prophecy in the meetings of the cell group, for the simple fact that this is the New Testament pattern.

We used to think of prophecy only as aprognosis, but the prophecy is also for the diagnosis. We all need to speak by the Spirit in our meetings, comforting and urging. “When you come together, one has a psalm, another, doctrine, this brings revelation, other language and still another the interpretation. Is all done to the building. ” Each has something.

You have psalm. I have school. He has a revelation. Another has language. And the fifth is interpretation. This is the wealth of the Church’s life in the cell group. We must live this reality.

This is the mutuality. A basketball team has five players. If a player retains the ball just for you and never let go, this is not mutuality, but individuality. The principle is the same for the meetings. We should practice mutuality. If during the meeting only one person talks all the time, everyone will have the impression of being poor. But if all mutually speak the meeting will be tremendously powerful.

We believe so we speak

Whenever we say that every believer must speak at meetings a brother opposes saying it does not have the gift of speaking. But in II Corinthians 4:13 Paul says that believers also speaks.

But having the same spirit of faith, as it is written, I believed; so, I have spoken. We also believe; so we also speak. Cor. 4:13

The spirit expression of faith here could also be translated as an attitude of faith. When we are filled with the Spirit we can have a spirit of faith.

Faith only becomes substantial when it is spoken. If we believe, but we remain in silence that faith can not act. If you look carefully in the Bible you will see these things God is received when we talk.

In Psalm 91 there is a series of promised blessings, but on the back nine we have the key to receive them, “For thou hast said. The Lord is my refuge” is because it was told that now the blessing be poured. In Romans 10: 9-10 we read that a man can only be saved if he opens his mouth and confess. There is silence in salvation, for those who believe need to talk.

If, with your mouth confess Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart, you believe that God rose from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Rm. 10: 9-10

Even to be filled with the Spirit we need to talk. Ephesians 5:18 says way to be filled with the Spirit is “speaking to yourselves …” No one is filled with the Spirit silent. And be not drunk with wine, in which is dissipation, but be filled with the Spirit, speaking to yourselves in psalms, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord with hymns and spiritual songs. F. 5: 18-19

The problem is that I’m always hearing someone saying, “You know, pastor, I’m a simple brother. I do not know if I have something to talk about “Perhaps another says.” Well, you know I’m just a sister. I do not know if I have something to talk about. This is a lie of the devil. For years, the enemy has usurped us, Christians.

They have in muted. For years, we have been not to mention the meetings. It’s time to put up while standing and rebuke the enemy saying, “Depart from me, Satan. I do notbelieve his lies. I’m not dumb. I do not serve a silent idol. I love a living talking God and He’s talking inside me right now. The Holy Spirit speaks today and he dwells within me. I have experienced the power of God and His anointing permeates me. Christ is my life. I have faith to speak of spiritual form of things of the Spirit. “

I know we have had to share the moment our meetings, but today I’m telling you something even more precious. We need to speak to express Spirit among us. May the Lord fill our cell groups with his power these days.