Full House

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Project: Full House

Luke 14:23 “… ‘Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled.

Project length: August 01st – December 30th

August 2nd – August 16th

Series: Battlefield

  • Loyalty in the battlefield.
  • Friend of Sinners.
  • Spiritual Warfare.

August 24th – September 13th : Fasting Period

21 Days of Evangelism

Series: based in the book “21 Days of Evangelism” . Daily online messages.

September 6th

Special service: 3rd church Anniversary Message: Cycle of 7 years.   

      What will happen in the fasting period?

Preparation of the sower duets .

  • They must read the on line  book.
  • Must be counted as the core of the life-group. (Went to the Impact, and Baptism[optional])
  •  They must pray for 4 people which are open to receive an evangelistic visit.
  • The duet must tell the person that they are praying for them. After the three weeks of fasting the duet will try to do the evangelistic visit.

September 14th – September 27th

  • 2 weeks to happen the evangelistic visit. The duet must schedule a meeting or visit with the person that they prayed in the Fasting Period.
  • Kids, Teens and Youth will offer as a gift a band(bracelet) with the evangelism symbols:

  • Adult will offer as a gift a refrigerator  magnetic.

September 27th

Peace Event

Event with the whole Church at Lakes Park for guests and possibles hosts in House of Peace.

  • Weeks for the evangelism visit.
  • Evangelism visit:
  1. Challenge the host to receive ” 7 ‘’weeks of 20 minutes visit of prayer  in his house.
  2. (Or challenge for 4 weeks to come in the Lifegroup)
  3. (Or challenge fro 4 meetings with the duet in a casual place)
  • Dare 2 Share.
  • 4 spiritual laws.
  • If the host accept the challenge they will receive a ‘key chain’ declaring that house is a ‘House of peace’. The key chain should be putted in the host’s house key.

October 4 – November 15

  • Weeks for the House of Peace happen.
  • Messages about the love of God, Grace, and evangelism environment during 7 weeks.
  • In the second week the host will be challenged to come to the life group of the duet and to the service.
  • In the fourth week (November 8th) will be the Impact week.

November 20th – November 22nd

  • Celebration for the Leaders (November 20th – 21st) Harvest with pumpkins.
  • Baptism (November 22nd)

November 29 – December 20

  • Financial weeks