Full House 02- The three beginnings of God

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In the book of Genesis, we see the revealed purpose of God. God intended man to have His image and likeness to exercise dominion and authority on earth as His representative. However, for this purpose to be fulfilled, God had to start over three times with man. Moreover, each of these beginnings we can see, the Lord reaffirming His desire to have many children and the devil’s attempt to disrupt men’s activities. The devil offers man to do things and achieve meaning in life, the more the Lord tells us to bear children and thus achieve the satisfaction of fulfilling the purpose.

The first beginning of God

In the beginning, God created man and woman blessed them, saying, be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth. God commanded them to be fruitful. As if, the Lord said to Adam: ” I want to have children, I created you to be my son, and I gave you the ability to pass on to your children my image and that the life I want you to have. God intended that Adam ate of the tree of life, and so received within themselves the divine nature itself. Thus, his sons would have the likeness of God.

However Adam sinned and so he could not transition the image of God but his own sinful image. We read in Genesis 5:3 “Adam had lived 130 years; he had a son in his own likeness, after his image…”  The son of Adam was not born according to the vision of God, but as the likeness of Adam’s own sinful image. Why? Because by sinning, Adam lost the glory of God’s image. The image of God and His glory, and their glory is in the face of Christ who is the exact likeness of God the Father (2 Cor 4, 6). In Eden, Adam and Eve were dressed in God’s glory; but on the day they sinned, they lost God’s glory.

Therefore, the author of the Letter to the Romans says that all have sinned and were destitute of the glory of God. They lost that glory. The consequence of the fall was the loss of the divine image by man. The fall of men was contaminated by the thought of Lucifer, receiving itself the devil’s seed; and now he is not concerned to fulfill the purpose of God. The man’s preoccupation now is to have achievements and to receive the kingdom of power and glory for himself. The man now wants a position, a title of honor, and that is what we see during the biblical narration.

The chapters 4 and 5 of Genesis gives us a portrait of two generations of men from Adam: the descendants of Cain and the descendants of Seth. Two generations representing two kinds of men and two types of examples: the making and to generate. The Bible even mentions that Cain had children, but the main thing that is said about their generation is that they were high achievers. In verse 17, we learn that Cain built a city for his son, evidence of his extreme skill, talent, hard work and creativity.

The narration continues until you reach Lamech v. 19. This man just had two wives, Adah and Zillah. Adah gave birth to Jabal, the father of such MA, and was already living in tents and had cattle. The text says that woe… However, the father who did something the emphasis is not on the children, but the ability they had, what they produced years after we read in verse 21 about Jabal, the father who plays flute, those who worked with it and fun. Can you see the ability of these people?

Besides them, the 22.Lemos verse about Tubal-Cain, who was architect, someone who, in addition to artistic ability, also dominated the craft? The artisan was a mixture of artist and artisan, understood in producing works of art of bronze and iron, and edged weapons. Use tells us if they lived in our day these people would be in s covers. They reviewed by their great deeds. All noteworthy. They are the des transcendence of Cain. Their value is only this: what they do by indicating.

The biblical text does not say how long that lived for God were dead only records what will held from not is in opposition to the seed of Cain, in Chapter 5 we find the generation of Adam through Seth. Of this generation takes eceber not said if they did or accomplished anything, just that generates ram children. Listen to Chapter 5.4: after he had begotten Seth Adam lived eight hundred years; and had sons and daughters of something amazing! In verse 7, we find that “after he begat Enos, Seth lived eight hundred and seven years, and had sons and daughters generally WO”. The same we see in verse 10: “Then he begat Cainan and Enos lived eight hundred and fifteen years, and begat sons and daughters.” This pattern is repeated with respect to all of that generation; they just lived and had children. The fact mention the age of each m opposition to the generation of Cain, it indicates that they lived were the eyes of God Cain you may question that Enos and Noah has also made things for God. In fact, about Enos is said that from it, began to call on you. However, plead and pray things are seen as nothing in the eyes of the generation of Cain. Even among Christians, there is this mentality.

Once a brother went to the house of a pastor, I want your help. Upon arriving, he asked the pastor: “You’re doing bad thing?” The pastor replied, “I’m praying.” at the response, the brother replied: “Well, since his brother is not doing anything, could come with me solve a problem”. This is the city of Cain, for whom prayer is not to do something, however, in the generations of Adam there were those who actually do something for God. Noah turns out that to do it and not ministerial. God did not want one of Noah’s arks of construction ministry, so that he was a lifetime building them. The work of Noah had the purpose of preserving life, not the work itself. Furthermore, Noah had to do some value to generate Cain.

We can even imagine Jabal presenting his last tent, Jubal giving a concert with their newest compositions and Tubal-Cain exposing her bronze artworks they turn to Noah and ask, “What is your achievement” And Noah said seriously, “I’m building an ark.” “But for what?” They ask. “Because there will come a great flood and the ark will be saved,” says Noah Others shake their head as if to say. “Poor man, investing a look condescending life into something useless” This is the attitude of the generation of Cain, when we say that our work is to build a large ark, the “Cain’s ” laugh at us.

The ark is actually a symbol of the Church, which will be preserved in the judgment of God Eventually; ask me if I am a pastor I too. Who lives working to generate is always despised the generation of Cain Notice how the homemakers are treated the same way there is always someone asking: “You are s housewife or working too?

Generate is something despised by the world. A woman who decides to leave her career to have children is labeled as crazy. “How can you leave a career because of children?”

Moreover, those who have invested their lives raising children are accused of having wasted their lives. There are two kinds of thoughts, paradigm. In addition, these two kinds of mentality will permeate the whole Word of God. On the one hand, the mentality of wanting to do something for God. On the other, the mentality of wanting to bear children for the Lord. These differences seem something very abstract; but, I believe, make all the difference. We must all be committed to bear children, care for them, disciple them and get them to grow so that also have their own children. This does not mean not having to do things, because certain activities are essential to sustain life. However, do not make the activities the focus of your Christian life to have children rather that is the center of our lives.

The second beginning of God

Before the flood, the man fell to the point where God had to send the judgment and destroy all that generation. Later, however, God performed a second start. The first was with Adam, the second with Noah God, after destroying all humanity, it starts all over again with Noah, as we read in Genesis says God to Noah. “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth” (Genesis 9.1) God does not change, so His purposes, plans and thoughts remain forever and ever. What was said to Adam, so was Noah because God does not change osseous purposes. He now says the same to us. God never changed what you want in your heart. Earlier we saw that the first words denote His heart. Now we see that what is always also repeated exposes what goes into the heart of God.

Noah’s generation did not respond to God. By tracking their generations, we will come to the Tower of Babel event in chapter 11. God said: God said, “Multiply, be fruitful and fill the earth.” To fill the earth must be spread for her, but found the men of Babel doing something flatly contrary to God’s purpose. They said to them: “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower whose top will reach into heaven and become celebrated our name, lest we be scattered all over the earth” (Gen. 11.4)

See the same principle of Cain working again. God sends a man beget, but your reaction is to do something. The Tower of Babel had a mystical, esoteric purpose because their aim was to touch the heavens. Babel and the emergence of performative religion of the great works. His concept is developed in the course of the Word of God and in the end; it turns into the Great Babylon described in Revelation, a religious system abhorred by God. God abhors this religious system started in Genesis principle of Babel, to do things to have a name, the vision of being famous and recognized, to be seen, not by the number of children you have, but the achievements you do it.

Everyone who follows the paradigm of doing things must admit the fund wants to be recognized. If some Christian singers were put to sing in our services among the people, so they get tired and say that the church does not recognize their ministries. Many ministries, if they have a special room or ID badge, then die and still say it was a lack of recognition. For Babel disciples, recognition is get your name known and published. However, Babel is the opposite of God’s move

The third beginning of God

God began the first humanity with Adam, who fell According to Noah, which resulted in Babel. Now God calls Abraham saying: I will make you a great nation and I will bless thee, and magnify you the name. If thou a blessing! I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you; in thee shall be blessed all the families of the earth (Gen. 12.2-3)

God tells Abraham that the same was said to Adam and Noah, but in other words. Before the Lord said, “I bless you”, but this time God said to Abraham, “Be a blessing Do you want to be a blessing, Abraham Through you, all families of the earth be blessed Abraham understood that implied that statement? Of God. He knew to be a blessing to all the land meant to have children.

The name Abram means exalted father and the name received after Abraham means father of multitudes. The one who is called to be a father of nations, of course, need to have many children When you give a name, God revealed to Abraham his dream, what was in his mind was as if God said:.. “Abraham, I called him to be a father. I did not call you to do anything; just to be fruitful What Abraham did in his life? Anything. Let us be sensible. How would bless all families of the earth? Doing extraordinary works? Doing something? How Abraham did would be a blessing to families of the earth? The only way would be having children.

When we look at the story of Abraham, we see that his life was a struggle around as a child. Abraham will have a child or not? Can you imagine a man to be a lifetime due to have children? This seems a contradiction. By the thought of today, God’s call to Abraham would be something like this: “Abraham, the devil is building a large tower I want you to go and build an even greater for me.” The concept of Babel says that to honor God, we have to do something bigger, but the concept of God is not even do, but generate. Thus, the order given to Adam in the Garden of Eden, given to Noah in Genesis 9, and given to Abraham in Genesis 12 is the same us received today. God wants the same from us. He changed not only changes the terminology, he still wishing to have children.

In addition, Abraham knew that God’s call to Abraham was only so that it had a son. It seems cruel to call someone to be the father when that person no longer has age appropriate and his wife is barren. Perhaps Abraham thought, “God, ask what the Lord wants me to do and will perform for you, but do not ask me why a child cannot generate it’s the same principle that we see today in the church God has not called us to do things.

However, to have children. However, some apologize saying that do not have power to convert anyone. In other words, say that is not in them the power to bear children. However, this contradicts the purpose of God. Like Abraham, we are called to being parents of nations. As he cannot generate for ourselves. However, if we have faith and willingness to obey as Abraham had surely Isaac will come and with it many nations. No doubt that doing things and easier than bearing children.

Generate children brings pressure, doing things brings only tired, Generate children forces us to depend on God, while we can do things for ourselves. Generate children requires faith, doing things only requires work.

Many are accused of wanting children, or a church large, mere vanity. No one is more accused of being vain than large church pastor. Now, the Word of God says that the mentality city of Babel is to seek to make himself famous name. However, it is interesting to see the Lord said to Abraham that would make his name great (Gen. 12.2). It is as if He said, “Abraham, if you have children themselves exalt his name’ many people are famous, and the great is who that is bringing this fame. You are making your own famous name or God is enlarging? Who wants to make his famous name does things, however, who bears children expect God to magnify his name through them in many places, people seem too busy doing many things, but really just want to make famous the names themselves. Most of doing something is to be seen Few work just for the pleasure of doing for God. N it is wrong to do things, but the emphasis cannot be at work because it is not the center of the heart of God. Performing great deeds, deeds and things for God only deceive ourselves and run away from the pressure. Doing things is to escape the pressure of having to generate disciples.

Disciples spend time and require tears and faith. What could be easier? Abraham have a child or build a tower? Now I imagine it would be easier to build the blessed tower. Abraham took decades to have a child. To try to shorten the time, he did Ishmael. I think God said, “Do not you have liked it.” Bear a child was something divine, a divine task that was beyond the control of Abraham. The Lord spoke to him, “Abraham, I want you to be fruitful, multiply themselves, for father I want you to be father is listening Abraham.” Abraham might have said, “But how do it, my God How can I bear a child and so today we think The Lord’s command did not change God’s order remains the same God wants us to let us beget children?… Make no mistake. If you do not want children or think it is too hard, there is another story.

However, the purpose of God does not change, n the kid yourself make us drunk. We prefer to do things to bear children. Make us a great event, put our sets to singing, a great festival with a beautiful lighting, will be a wonderful thing, “they say. Then everyone works painful mind and seem to be very busy. There is only one problem. This is the principle of Babel, no one was generated. There is no doubt that it is easy to generate “is that they are.” Some say in so many words: Tell me what I have to do and I will, but do not send me no gain “Unfortunately, even ministers have this mentality Babylonian.

For some pastors, ask the membership of their churches is almost… An offense recently to ask for a size pastor of the church he pastored, the pastor was offended with me he said the pastor, “I have no power over this, God is convincing. If He did not, that is his problem, because I have done. “He used these terms, but the summary of his defense was that the state does not have the power to generate this pastor showed ignorance about our true calling we have, yes, the power to generate. The supposed inability to bear children for God is a lie of the devil.

There is a lot sterile people within the church, but Sara was also sterile and was healed by God. Before, of course, she had the willingness to face the situation and exclaim, “I’ll have a son because God promised me! Who rehearses want to show that rehearsed, who works wants to expose their work. If we create a dance group and never have we given you the chance to dance in the church, will not continue to dance for long. They say that nobody appreciates them, that the church has no vision and does not value their work.

There are brothers who left the church I pastor because they wanted to dance. I blessed them and let them go. Our burden is not in the dances, the Church of the Lord Jesus is not a dance company. Some people mistakenly think that dance is the move in recent times. Not forbid anyone to dance. However, we cannot delude ourselves, the Church remained for two thousand years without anyone jumping and will continue for many more if necessary. It never had to be dancing in the Church. She can live even without music because music is not the main, the primordial our musicians must at least lead a cell. It may be best instrumentalist, playing all the instruments well, but not to touch the heart of God bearing children, do not touch our church. If the player does not want children, does not serve to God. If no use to God, we also no use.

Everyone should have children to God, but people get drunk doing things. That is the mentality of Cain, of Babel. Impresses a church have 150-200 ministries and be seen as a church that does that work. However, only one thing the Lord asked. We are free to take care of homeless, hungry and sick. We can build a house and fill it with orphans, prostitutes or homosexuals. We are free to do things. However, only one thing is needed: bear children for God.

There will only be change in the world if we generate children for God. The logic is simple: if people are transformed, the nation is restored. Some movements pray for the restoration of Brazil and use 1 Peter 2.9 as the basis for their purposes. The reality, however, is that a holy nation is the people of God, not our earthly homeland. Even Israel is a holy nation, but the Church is composed of all who have been begotten of God God’s nation is the Church. It is God’s people, not Brazil, Argentina, and neither the United States. These countries are all wicked and enemies of God. The other day I asked a promoter of this vision will be like Brazil when this restoration occurs. Your answer intrigued me even more; he described a Brazil in patterns of Sweden or Switzerland.

Now, when Brazil and Sweden, or like Switzerland, it will still be a dead nation in need of God. If Sweden or Switzerland were the kingdom of heaven, Jesus would reign there. In fact, only the children of God make the nation of God, a holy nation. We care about the nation; however, God cares about the Church. Worrying about the nation’s restoration in itself does not solve, we need to win the Brazilians, preach the gospel and bear children for God. This yearning must remain in our hearts and strengthen the heart of the Church. The minister on this issue, I am troubled. God calls us to something and the devil tries drunk and divert us to other things. He seeks to arrest our attention and things that, while not wrong, take the focus from the center point. Just membership is fundamental in the Christian life. The church should pray and cry like Raquel looking for children: “Lord, give me children or I die (Genesis 30.1) when Abraham believed God told him he would be the father of multitudes in the end, what will be the life… Everything that is going on, only the children remain when children are not generated, does not move the heart of God. When the ultimate purpose is not in tune with God’s will, the move is superficial and does not thrive There is no point playing making arrangements, selling thousands of records make money and not move the heart of God and only evil drunkenness to seduce the church, only the beginning of Babel:. Enter its name, becoming famous for something that did happen to what is an illusion. It is illusory feats without the purpose of bearing children.

Many spend a lifetime in this regard. Our dedication should focus on generating children, care for them, cause them to become disciples, reproducing them an identity. I spent youth “inventing fashion.” Created so much programming in the church, so many inventions came out of my mind. However, none of this had the value I thought. What has value are the sons whom I have begotten and which remain today as disciples we are not against doing things and carry out activities. We have activities, but they are not the center of our work. The center of our work is to generate children for God. The leader of a church dedicated to the activities at risk and live according to motivate the brothers. Otherwise, if drummer does not receive a compliment, say, “No one sees me nor recognize me in this church.” If there is much praise to worship leaders, or if the pastor put them in a position where they are not seen in a short time will be is difficult to find someone willing to participate. The recognition is expected in all activities.

However, this is not the ground of the church, but the produce. When generating, no need of praise, recognition comes from the son. The father’s joy is to listen to the child: “You and the best dad in the world No father like you.” The parent knows that might not even be true, that is a tremendous exaggeration, but he gets all happy and full of himself. Then, the boy grows up and says, “Dad, I want to be just like you, want to cut their hair like yours.” No greater joy for a parent? The father’s glory is to have someone willing to walk and be like him. There is no greater joy than to hear a student say things like, “Do you believe in me more than myself.” I make my day. When you hear, “I have learned so much with you, my life was changed”, this recognition shows the children that have generated.

Children are my glory and my praise is they who motivate me. There would drop it for anything in life. I never cease to generate my children to write books and sell millions of copies (astonishingly!). I see no logic in this attitude. A book or a work to bless any people, however, bear a child points to eternity. It is a deeper mark. The books I write are my children, to build them other read them, but they are the children that actually receive and absorb the content of the works. Other read and criticize, absorb little or reject and put aside, but the children will use them to store a vision. What you want to give to God that He has not? A music? Let us face it; the angels worship the Lord with songs much better than they worship ours. Do you want a painting to God? He will preach his picture. Have you seen the pictures, which God paints every day? The angels of God do things much better than us. What God asks of us today are children.

Only when we create children God’s purpose can be achieved. On the Day of Judgment, some will bring gold, silver and precious stones, others will bring wood, straw and hay. Peter said that we are living stones. So gold, silver and precious stones speak of people to God as wood, straw and hay speak of human works, human labor The Bible says that God’s fire will test the work of each. What the fire consume is lost, the person will be saved, but will not have reward (1 Corinthians 3). However, the fire will not consume her as a reward and glory. Do you know the only thing that the fire does not consume? Fire does not consume fire.

The Letter to the Hebrews says that the children of God are made minister’s flames of fire (Heb 1.7). On the day that you believed in Jesus, you were made a child of God. What is God? God is a consuming fire and his children are small flame of fire because they have the divine nature. When God comes to you, not hurt you, will only increase your fire, because fire does not destroy fire. However, woe to those who are not fire! The presence of God will be a hell for this individual. Just who are fire generates children to God and their children will fire.

The moment you leave God of the fire and go through all of us, this fire burned wood, straw and hay. Then the Lord will see what is left. Will be left only what is fire also, that is, the children we generate to God this is the burden in my heart. I do not want to discover after old I was doing something that was not the center of the heart of the Lord, His desire that we generate children I think the first goal of a pastor is to have a team. Who is your team, beloved pastor? If we have no staff, nothing have. You can have a good salary, there may be a building and even written books, but the pastor without a team has nothing. The staff is the ministry of the pastor. The team is your calling and your credential. It is about reality. What we have generated for God? Who are the children that we have generated for the Lord?

However, the question for each of us is the same: ” Where are your children? The day to introduce myself before God, I want to respond to the Lord Jesus: ” Here am I and the children the Lord has given me ‘(Isaiah 8.1).